• Ashley Haga

New to Netflix this week: April 15, 2019

Netflix never lets anyone down with the constant forthcoming of new and old films and television shows to fit everyone's taste. Netflix has every right to be confident in what it brings and puts out, as it's a multi-billion dollar company.

Here are a few new shows and films out this week:

"Black Summer" (season one), is set in the same universe with, but also set time-wise before, the show "Z Nation." This will be an eight-episode prequel to the mother-show, with shorter episodes than most other shows on the streaming service. It follows a team of special forces and mother who was separated with her daughter, trying to fight and overcome the oncoming threat of the zombie apocalypse.

"The Silence" (film), is set in a world under attack by mysterious creatures that kill their prey by using sound to find them. A teenager, 13, who lost her hearing, along with her family seek for refuge while also running into a mysterious cult group. This film is called a Netflix version of "A Quiet Place" (2018), a film with almost exactly the same plot, and also had a teenage girl without hearing in the family.

"Unicorn Store" (film), features a woman who failed college due to the fact her art professor didn't like and believe her abstract ways were truly anything to compare with his monotone simple pieces. She soon gets a temporary job at a firm trying to make her family and everyone proud of her. All is well until she gets random letters saying they have exactly what shes always wanted: a pet unicorn.

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