• Jose Salazar

New storm threatening the Bahamas

As of early Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, there was a tropical disturbance over the central Bahamas, with winds of 30 - 45 kph. The system was expected to drop two to four inches of rain through Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

There is an 80 percent chance that the new storm will be officially named Humberto in the next day or so as it crawls at 6 - 9 kph across the Bahamas and takes aim at Florida.

A tropical storm warning was in effect for Northwestern Bahamas, including the hurricane-hit Abacos and Grand Bahamas, according to MSN. The storm is expected to pick up speed as it moves northwest on Friday and could hit Florida on Saturday.

Those in the Caribbean are afraid as they are coming back to their homes, as a lot of families are still affected by the impact of Hurricane Dorian that hit a few weeks back. Many are taking safety precautions from this strong tropical storm.