• Paul Dukes

New 'Fortnite' updates and old updates

"Fortnite" was made in 2017, and it's been the #1 Battle royal game.

Season X on "Fortnite" is the biggest one yet because it has a Mech. The theme is back in time, they Brought Back lots of old OG Places.

Good places like Tilted Towers, Dusty Depot and others. "Fortnite" is the biggest Battle royal game yet.

Here is the Official trailer for Season X

Lets go back to Season 1

Season 1 Map

Season 1 had some good places, but Tilted Towers wasn't added until Season 3

Lots of good weapons were in season 1, such as:



-Zipper (Wall or Ceiling Trap)

- And others

Season 1 battle pass had some good skins, such as:

- Aerial Assault Trooper

- Renegade Raider

- And others

Season 1 also had all kinds of bugs, such as:

- Gun fire was messed up

- Fall damage was easier

- Hit damage was less

- and others

But now, almost 45 percent of people hate Season X. That is more than Season 9. The number of people who play "Fortnite" is decreasing because more people are playing "Roblox."

Now let's go to the newest season that is coming very soon.

Season 11 is going to be the biggest one yet.

This will have many new updates such as:

- New map

- New weapons

- Halloween update

- New islands

- Mech removed in some places

- and others