• Destiny Carter

Navy Junior ROTC hosts Indoc Camp to welcome new cadets

In July 2019, Cairo High School's Navy Junior ROTC program offered freshman cadets an opportunity to visit Kolomoki Mountain State Park on a two-night, three-day trip free of charge. During the Indoctrination Camp, cadets were able to learn more about the program and all that it had to offer through a range of fun, hands-on activities. As one of the cadets who attended the program, I can say that the program was very educational and enjoyable but required much effort and hard work.

The first day and a portion of the next was spent in the agriculture building. There, we were separated into two groups and got to know our other cadets before we learned and practiced stationary drills. We also were taught the basic uniform, conduct, and overall attitude expectations for a Navy Junior ROTC cadet.

After we arrived and unpacked, we started playing a game called Ships and Sailors which allowed us to practice some of the drills we were taught the day before. We were also exposed to a variety of activities that we would have an opportunity to participate in during drill meets such as orienteering, marksmanship, and rifle spinning. Since the heat index was so high there, we were constantly told to drink water so we wouldn't dehydrate, but as it warmed up, I didn't even need a reminder.

Once we got back home, we practiced shining our shoes before we attended the graduation ceremony. Although the entire experience was unusual to me and quite difficult, the recognition I received made it all worth while.

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