• Mary Harrison

Mrs. Ausley: Job-Shadow Day a ‘Success’ for CHS Students

CHS Senior Prospero Castellanos hard at work on a task for Grady EMC.

On Tuesday, February 4, a group of 14 Cairo High School Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors participated in Job-Shadow Day. As part of the kick-off for next week’s Career Week at CHS, students “went to work” for a morning with employees at different local businesses, observing (and at times helping) them complete their daily tasks.

Mrs. Michelle Ausley, Cairo High Work-Based Learning Coordinator and Career Counselor, organizes the annual Job-Shadowing Day. She told The Red & Black that this year was a resounding success.

“Everyone came back enjoying every moment,” Mrs. Ausley reflected, “The students were able to really experience exactly what they wanted.”

Mrs. Ausley continued, “The hosts emailed me and said how super proud they were of all students. [Participants] showed initiative, they showed pride in their school. [The hosts] were very impressed with our students.”

Half of the students showed interest in healthcare careers: Seniors Makayla Mobley and Jada Sanders spent the morning at Dental Associates of Southwest Georgia, and Southern Regional Technical College’s Health Sciences Fair exposed five other students (Seniors Chelsey Riggins and Hailey Snipes; Juniors Lamauria Davis, Gavin Garland, and Katie Wisham) to a plethora of medical careers, including surgery and radiology.

Junior Gavin Garland experiences what it would be like to be a surgery tech at SRTC's Health Sciences Fair.

Two Seniors, Katie Faircloth and Samantha Gainous, shadowed teachers at Whigham Elementary School.

Several participants stayed closer to Cairo. Grace Gainous, an 11th-grader, visited Cairo’s First National Bank, while fellow Juniors Mary Harrison and Hannah Powe watched communication skills in action by shadowing employees of The Cairo Messenger and the Chamber of Commerce’s Main Street program, respectively.

Grady EMC hosted 12th-grader Prospero Castellanos during the program, which lasted from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Sophomore Madison DeVoux shadowed Mr. Gabriel Ridley of Ridley Law Firm, at one point witnessing an actual court case, the 10th-grader shared.

Below are (l-r): Grace Gainous with the staff of First National Bank; Mary Harrison with Cairo Messenger editor Mr. Randy Wind; Hannah Powe with Ms. Alyssa Blakley, Director of Cairo Main Street; Prospero Castellanos at Grady EMC; Madison DeVoux with lawyer Mr. Gabriel Ridley; Gavin Garland at the SRTC Health Sciences Fair; and Madison and Mary running into each other at the Grady County Courthouse.

Additionally, the high school’s Gear- Up Georgia and CollegeMakers programs took several more students to SRTC’s Health Sciences Fair. Though arranged separately from Job-Shadow Day, attendees were still able to witness medical professionals at work.

Two students in particular, Mrs. Ausley shares, came back “all smiles.”

“[Madison] came back very excited and very motivated that that is exactly what she wanted to do. Hannah… said she wasn’t sure that she wanted to do public relations, but this sold her. She said that it was exactly what she wanted to do.”

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