• Joseph Simmons

Microsoft Eying Discord?

Discord Logo

The Tech-Giant Microsoft has been trying to add onto its gaming branch for years now. One of the most notable examples is the streaming app Mixer that was purchased by Microsoft in 2016. Now the Company is going after the most popular game chat app: Discord. Discord has recently reached even newer heights of recognition after millions downloaded the app during quarantine.

Discord is a communications app that was initially meant for communication with a group of friends while gaming. Now Discord has grown into something much bigger than just that. Discord is still used by friends who just want to play the game, but it is also suited for large groups of people to stay informed, like a business, or a group of fans who just want to talk about random fandom.

It seems as if Microsoft has come upon a new potential business venture offering $10 billion to buy one of the most popular chatting apps in the game. This would be a steal for Microsoft because both gaming and the discord app are both growing, and the app currently sits at a value of $7 billion. Although nothing has been confirmed by either Microsoft or Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord, many fans are already outraged by the thought of Microsoft getting hands on the beloved discord app.

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