• Samuel M. Lopez

'Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR'

Mercedes-Benz and the "Avatar" films are partnering to make the Vision AVTR. The fully electric concept car is inspired by the movie "Avatar" and is filled with gadgets as well as the latest software and sensors.

According to KKB, the Vision features include a battery-electric powertrain with 469 horsepower, a 110-kWh battery pack that provides 435 miles of range, and a joystick-like pad instead of steering wheel. The Vision AVTR, however, is "not slated for production."

The Vision AVTR has no steering wheel; instead it has a pad-like joystick that controls the vehicle's speed and direction. The car's battery is not only recyclable but is even compost-able (which is good for soil). The battery takes only 15 minutes to charge.

The car comes to life by recognizing the driver via breathing or heartbeat. The Vision AVTR makes a bio-metric connection with the driver and increases his awareness of the environment.

According to Mercedes-Benz, "The visual connection between passengers and the outside world is created by the curved display module, which replaces a conventional dashboard."

This allows people to explore and to interact with natural life with different aspects of the environment.


This concept vehicle most likely won't make it to the consumer market, so don't expect to see this in the future. This car, however, is proof that Mercedes-Benz are aiming for the future.

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