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Memorial Day Crafting Ideas

By Sophomore Addie Childree and Senior Jose Salazar

As we all know Memorial Day is coming up on Monday, May 31. Memorial Day commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of wounds sustained in battle.

It's also time for school to get out for summer, so the kids are going to be home with nothing to do, so why not make some Memorial Day crafts?

To get into the spirit of Memorial Day, here are some easy crafts to decorate your home and enjoy spending time with family and friends while honoring the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Patriotic Suncatcher

This craft by She Knows is so cute and colorful that it'll make you want to salute!


  • Red and blue Tissue Paper-affiliate link

  • Craft paper (I used Cardstock-affiliate link because it is stronger than regular craft paper)

  • Clear Contact Paper-affiliate link

  • White craft paper

  • White Paper Stars (I used 3 different sizes of Star Paper Punches-affiliate link)

  • Ruler

  • Pen


  1. To make the frame use the ruler to draw a line around the outside of the craft paper. Carefully cut the inside out.

  2. Use the inside of the paper as a template. Leave extra space and trace around the template onto the contact paper. Cut out the contact paper, peel off the backing, and stick it to the back of the frame. Use tape to secure the contact paper to the frame.

  3. Have the child decorate the contact paper with the paper stars.

  4. Have the child tear pieces of tissue paper and stick them to the contact paper. Little Tiger made big chunky pieces of tissue paper and Little Dragon made little tiny pieces. Once the kids are satisfied the craft is done and ready to be hung up

Fireworks Painting

This colorful, attractive craft by Happiness is Homemade is easy and requires items that are easy to come by, many of which you'll already have around your home. It is sure to be enjoyed by younger kids and the younger at heart!


  • Recycled Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Tubes

  • Scissors

  • Paper Plates

  • Paint

  • Large Paper or Canvas to Paint On


  1. Start by cutting a toilet paper roll into 2″ long fringes. Open up the fringe so that it lays flat against the table, and place the roll onto a paper plate that has been covered in a thin layer of tempera or acrylic paint. For our fireworks, we used four rolls/plates – red, white, blue, and a glittery mix of all three colors.

  2. Just take the roll, dip the fringe in the paint, and stamp it onto your paper. Easy peasy.

Simple Flag Craft for Kids made with Straws

This super-easy craft by I Heart Crafty Things is a great way to show your patriotism on this special holiday.


  • cardboard

  • 4th of July paper straws (we found ours at Hobby Lobby)

  • school glue

  • scissors


  1. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard to use as your flag shape. We used an empty cereal box.

  2. Cut several straws into pieces. Older kids may like to measure the size you’ll need for each section, but preschoolers can just cut the straws however they want and make a design based on their pieces.

  3. We started by adding school glue onto the cardboard where the blue section with stars would be on the flag and then added our blue straws.

  4. Then we added school glue underneath the blue section and added more straws to the cardboard. Finish your flag by adding glue all over the rest of the cardboard and covering it with your straws

  5. Wait to dry and you're all done!

Patriotic Wand Craft for Kids


  • Wooden dowel

  • Screw eye

  • Various ribbons in patriotic colors


1. Screw the screw eye into the top of the dowel. I was just able to do this using my hands. No tools needed!

2. Cut some ribbon any length you want. (Ours were about 20 inches long.)

3. Thread the ribbon, one at a time, through the loop and double knot it. (Lucy is at an age where she’s just learning to tie. I showed her how to hold the dowel steady between her knees while she tied the ribbon onto the hook.)

4. Tie as many ribbons as you’d like. On some of our wands we also added some star garland to give it extra sparkle!

5. Enjoy and celebrate!

Popsicle Stick Vases


  • can

  • popsicle sticks

  • red and blue paint dab markers or paint

  • glue dots

  • twine


  1. Paint the front and sides of your popsicle sticks. If you’re using the paint dab markers, make sure to tell the kids to dab them rather than drag so the markers don’t get ruined.

  2. We tried school glue for this part, but it took way too long to dry and just dripped all over. We used glue dots instead, which were actually kind of fun for the kids. Like really sticky stickers. Put one glue dot on each end of the back of the sticks.

  3. Press them onto the can making a red-blue pattern. If you run out of room and have two of the same color next to each other, that’s fine. Just make that side is the back.

  4. Wrap and tie some twine around the middle.

  5. And you’re done!

3D Star Paper Craft


  • printer,

  • paper

  • scissors.

  • Optional: crayons (or paint, markers, etc.)

  • string, thread, ribbon or wool


  • Print template and color as desired.

  • Cut out the template pieces (may require adult assistance and can be done before hand).

  • Cut on one of the dotted line right up to the center.

  • Pick out the two matching stars (this is good practice for young children!).

  • Slide the stars together, top to bottom all I have is the snowflake image to show you how it's done.

  • Glue a ribbon or thread onto the top (or hole punch a small hole and tie a ribbon through

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