• MaKayla Cartwright

Looking back: Tesla cars over the years

Tesla was founded in 2003 when Elon Musk purchased the Tesla Roadster that the SpaceX sent into space.

Founded on the idea to create effective electric cars and sell them to the masses, Tesla was sold for about four years (2008-2012), but has never been manufactured ever since.

Then came along a Model S. which was released in 2012; the price for that was $74, 500.

The new model experimented with technology like autopilot, super charge, and plenty of others. The car had been improved. The car also featured a hard drive, plus software charges for the entire thing.

As super charge stations were placed around the world, Tesla raced right past $100 billion in the market.

Model S, Model X, and also the Model 3 have achieved the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle tested by the U.S. government’s new car assessment program, and the vehicles are supposed to be the safest engineered cars around the world.

A Model 3 has a long range battery. It can seat five people. In 2014 they added a safety layer beyond the physical structure of all the cars; however, accident rates can really vary from quarter to quarter.

According to Wikipedia, the company's headquarters are located at Palo Alto, Cal. They have accessories for Tesla which include chargers, clothing, parts, and lifestyle accessories, which just basically include toy Tesla cars, hats, best sellers, and collectibles.