• Rosio Ibarra

Krispy Kream now available for delivery

On Feb. 29, 2020, Krispy Kream announced that it is launching a new, nationwide delivery program.

According Fox News, the doughnut chain revealed plans to partner with DoorDash in order to facilitate delivery for 350-plus U.S. locations to people living nearly within 10 miles of a doughnuts shop. They will not just deliver doughnuts but also hot coffee to customers.

This promotion launches on Leap Day, and Krispy Kream is planning on sending special deliveries to hospitals' maternity wards within the delivery range, using 2020's extra day to make the "leap" to national delivery.

The delivery/order menu when you first visit the Krispy Kreme website

According to Fox News, Krispy Kream claims to be celebrating "the most special deliveries of all."

Krispy Kream stated that if anyone wants some doughnuts delivered and is willing to actually pay for them, he or she can order from their nearest location via KrispyKreme.com or the Krispy Kreme app beginning on Saturday, February 29.

For delivery, the fee will be 4.99 and will be added to each order. Krispy Kreme has confirmed it will be available at most of the locations.

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