• Samuel M. Lopez

Jennifer Lopez advice to look and stay young

Jennifer Lopez at the age 50 looks as young as she did many years ago: active, healthy, and fabulous.

She tells most of the typical tips and tricks that anyone would say to have a great types of exercise, healthy diet, and have a typical skin care routine. She exercises as much she can each week. She prefers to use moisturizer and eye cream for healthy skin rather than makeup.

According to Tracy Anderson, " The former L’Oréal Paris ambassador stresses the importance of sun protection incorporating SPF in her everyday beauty routine and avoiding staying outside for too long."

If she has a tour she practices her nightly dance routines that are part of her exercise routines.

"I will work out and be in the best shape of my life," says Jennifer Lopez

No liquor, smoking, and caffeine because they damage your skin.

Her diet consists of tons of water and fruits and vegetables. She tries to have a consistent diet that carries essential nutrients.

Her top priority is to get enough sleep and do morning meditation. Jennifer Lopez is a firm believer that mediation makes happier, more loving, and more beautiful in your own way. She tries to get at least 8 hours of sleep, because not getting enough sleep can cause unnecessary stress.