• Dakota Tuggle

JBL's new solar powered headphones

When it comes to wireless headphones, a long battery life is one of the many features everybody wants. They only last a few hours on a charge, and you're sapping energy from the electrical grid every time you top them up. JBL believes they have an alternative, and it all relies on solar energy.

The Harman brand is crowdfunding Reflect Eternal over-ear headphones, who claim their solar power gives you "virtually unlimited" listening. This design has a lot in common with Logitech's solar keyboards, which can draw energy from indoor or outdoor light. Even if the conditions aren't nearly as sunny (lets say, winter), there's a chance you won't have to plug in the headphones from a USB. If you do have to though, you can get two hours of playback in 15 minutes of charging.

They also include features like hands-free calling, a mode to amplify ambient audio, multi-device pairing and control over your voice assistant of choice. They even are water-resistant for the people who live in rainy areas or workout.

The price of these new headphones is estimated to be around $99 and will be introduced to the public by Fall of 2020. The only uncertainty now is whether anything will change by the time of release, which is highly likely. If you're interested in purchasing or want more details on JBL's new headphones, click here.