• Gavin Lane

Is 5G worth it?

A newer model 5G supporting SamSung phone

When it comes to phones and their wireless plans, the most common one is the “4G" or “LTE,” especially around a place like Cairo with it being a more “unconnected” city from any major technological advancements. The meaning behind that statement has a lot to do with connectivity itself because there’s a lot of “out in the country” areas around here, which leaves the LTE service as the best available option here.

With the recent release of 5G, a much more connection-needy service, it would take some time to put up enough telephone poles to actually make sure all of Cairo would be covered with the right amount of connectivity. For now it is strictly in use with only select people in New York City, the only place where it can properly be set up to be tested right now. It won’t be too much longer before phone company start regularly putting out phones with the 5G capabilities.

Although the 5G may have some connection issues here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. With the current 4G/LTE, we have download speeds around the range of 33MPS (megabytes per second), but the new 5G would have speeds over 1.5 GPS (gigabytes per second). That’s over four times as fast as current speeds.

The reason I bring up connectivity though is because the wavelengths used in the frequencies are shorter than its 4G counterpart. Because of the different components used in the process, not all devices will be able to handle it, which means a new phone would be necessary to be able to use the features of 5G connection. But if found possible, it would be an amazing experience to witness the power a cellular device could hold, the speed of which could download an entire season of “Stranger Things” in roughly three minutes.

So my advice on the new upcoming 5G would be to wait on it, not to jump on right as it’s released. It would be best to wait for a more stable connection that you know would be 100 percent completely efficient. Although it would be nice to experience the speed of everything as soon as it’s out, it would give you a better experience to have the full experience.

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