• Jose Salazar

Hurricane Dorian one of the most powerful storms in decades

Hurricane Dorian will become of the most powerful storms in 30 years, according to CNN.

Over the Labor Day weekend, meteorologists reported that it will hit Florida as category 4 with winds going up to 140 mph when it reaches Florida early Monday.

Not only will Hurricane Dorian hit Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas should expect heavy rain and winds associated with Hurricane Dorian over the weekend and into Monday.

This hurricane has everyone on alert, as stores and gas station, are running out of supplies and gas prices are going up. Many from Florida and South Georgia is getting prepared and evacuating in preparation for this treacherous storm.

Meanwhile in the Bahamas, the hurricane has already left a path of destruction, with 13,000 homes being damaged or destroyed, including the Abaco Islands, home to about 17,000 people. There, landfall was first made, with sustained winds close to 185 mph, leaving cars flipped over everywhere and homes destroyed.