• Hayden Hodges

Hurricane Dorian approaches Georgia and Florida

Previously known as Tropical Storm Dorian, Hurricane Dorian has now hit the northern Bahamas. Now approaching Florida and Georgia, it is expected to be weaker when it hits the Atlantic coastline. The storm is currently a category 3 but is decreasing quickly. It's decreasing power doesn't mean the hurricane is harmless, however. According to patch.com, "Officials in Georgia are watching and preparing for the storm's potential impact, which may include heavy rain and flooding in south and central Georgia, as well as a potential influx of evacuees from Florida."

Now the Hurricane is expected to slowly climb north up the east cost. The hurricane is expected to hit Georgia soon, but while it was in the Bahamas it started moving significantly slower. Although the storm is likely to get weaker as it approaches us, local news broadcasts recommend to be prepared for anything. Areas in Florida such as St. Augustine are under mandatory evacuation.

Although the hurricane is unlikely to harm us in southwest Georgia, people are still preparing for anything. Last weekend, for example, local grocery stores were stocked up on gallons of water. This is most likely due to the traumatic experiences from Hurricane Micheal last year and Hurricane Irma in 2017.