• Courtney Baker

How breakups impact the human brain

Love is an unique feeling, the mental and emotional effects of which seem to break the natural laws of reason and the science. We may think love blinds us, but really science and love come together, whether you're going through an breakup or falling in love with someone.

The physical and mental pain are the same. According to Elite Daily, "If you feel sick or experience a headache after a breakup, it's because you brain is reacting to the situation the same way as you would physically be injured." Humans cry even more when they have that comfort from someone who cares at the moment.

According to Elite Daily, you can experience craving because you are still in love with that person, so you might call late night, come to their house uninvited, text them back and forth rapidly late at night, and make them feel depressed.

While humans are in a relationships, they tend to listen to certain types of music because they are in love. When they go their separate ways, it brings back memories and can make those persons feel sad and in a dark place because not only did they love the other person but they felt real true love in the mix. This impacts the brain a lot because it helps the human to know what to look for in a person if they are looking for one, and if they want to be single it helps them recover.

The human brain tends to play tricks on you and bring back those happy memories. You may feel like your brain is telling you to get and go out and have fun or to be be okay with the pain. You may feel like it's best for you to end things before it gets out of control in an relationship. Some humans can just move on without holding grudges and still be friends, but then, on the other hand, some humans have to block, unfriend you, or delete you from everything to move on because they might still have passionate feelings for you.