• Dakota Tuggle

How AI is changing businesses

Artificial intelligence, or A.I., is one of those things we see everywhere. We use it mostly every day in some shape or form, or at least most come into contact with some form of it. Then again, A.I. does seem to receive a ton of skepticism.

Maybe people's attitudes towards A.I. aren't as negative as we might think. IFS, a global enterprise applications company, recently released the findings of a global research study into the attitudes and strategies towards artificial intelligence among business leaders. The study involved 600 business leaders, from a broad spectrum of businesses.

The study revealed many real-world examples where technology is changing decision-making processes by giving users more timely and accurate information.

IFS VP of AI and RPA Bob De Caux said, "AI is no longer an emerging technology. It is being implemented to support business automation in the here and now, as this study clearly proves."

So even though artificial intelligence gets a lot of skepticism, tons of businesses use it to make smarter, faster decisions that take less time to review.