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Hop into these easy Easter crafts

Easter is just around the corner, and these crafts can show you how to make cute wobbling paper mache bunnies, craft stick carrots, and paper bunnies. Hop to it!

Wobbling Papier Mache Bunny by Easy Peasy and Fun

Wobble your way into your home and make this easy and fun paper mache bunny.


  • newspaper

  • mod podge (store-bought or homemade – I made it with white glue and water 1 to 1 ration)

  • water balloons (or regular ones for big bunnies)

  • Eastery paints

  • cardstock in eastery colors (you can mix or match it to the paints you’re using to paint the bunny)

  • scissor

  • something to place inside the balloon – small pebbles, rice, beans…

  • brush

  • black marker

  • chalk markers


  1. Dip the strips of paper in mod podge and start covering the balloon (coat each strip with more mod podge when it’s on the balloon too, they really need to be soaked in it). You’ll need a few layers of paper (at least 3).

  2. 2.Let it dry (oh the hard part). Once dried, paint the egg-shaped soon-to-be papier mache bunny with the color you’ve chosen.

  3. Cut two ear shapes out of cardstock. At the bottom of the ears cut them in the middle (just a wee little bit). Add glue on one half, and push the other half on top so they stick together – this way the ear will get a nice sturdy shape.

  4. Add facial details and details in the ears with a combination of black permanent marker and chalk markers – the colors these make are awesome (you can also add a pom pom for the tail). Glue on the ears and you’re done

Craft Stick Carrots by Easy Peasy and Fun


  • Faux paper grass (green easter grass works great too). You could also use a paper shredder and green paper.

  • Orange craft paint

  • Orange and green paper (construction paper is best)

  • Hot glue/hot glue gun, regular school glue will work out as well.

  • Scissors


  1. 1. Cut a craft stick in half and cut off the rounded end.2. Carefully hot glue the bottom of two jumbo craft sticks together making a “V” shape and hot glue your small craft stick to the top connecting the two pieces to make a carrot shape. Paint your carrot shapes orange and let dry.

  2. Now cut out a triangle a little larger than the triangle opening and hot glue to the back of your carrot shape.

  3. Then cut out a green carrot top the width of your carrot and hot glue to the back of the carrot. Cut out a piece of your faux grass to fit onto the green top and secure it with hot glue.

Easy Paper Bunny Craft by Easy Peasy and Fun


  • pastel blue construction paper

  • pastel pink construction paper

  • scissors or paper trimmer

  • wiggle eye stickers

  • glue

  • white paper

  • black marker


  1. Cut 4 long strips of paper (we cut along the length of the A4/letter sized paper) and 4 shorter strips of paper (these we cut along the width of the A4/letter sized paper). The width of the strips we used was about the width of a thumb.

  2. Take the 2 long strips and glue them together making a cross. Glue the other 2 long strips, making a snowflake. All strips must be evenly distributed (no need to be super precise though). Do the same with the short strips.

  3. Take the “snowflake” with long strips and start making a paper ball. Glue the strips together, forming loops, until all strips are glued together and you get a nice-looking ball. Do the same with the short strips “snowflake”.Now you got two-sized paper balls.

  4. Glue the paper balls together. You might need to hold them together for a while for the glue to really dry.

  5. Cut the ears out of pastel blue construction paper. Also cut a smaller set out of pastel pink and glue it inside the blue ears. Cut a snout and draw a nose. Also, cut teeth out of white paper and draw a line in the middle with a black marker. Glue the teeth on the snout.

  6. Glue the ears and the snout on the head (smaller ball) part of the bunny. Add two wiggle eye stickers. Your Easy Paper Bunny Craft is all done and ready to be displayed.

If you liked these crafts for Easter, check out easypeasyandfun website for more fun holiday theme crafts.

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