• Jade Jones

Greek Mythology: Athena Polias

Being the ultimate girl boss, goddess Athena was the city protectress. She is known as the goddess of war, handicraft, practical reason, good counsel, and prudent restraint. Athena was he daughter of Zeus but was produced with no mother. The story goes that Athena emerged from Zeus' forehead fully grown.

She was identified by the Romans as Minerva. Minerva was another Greek goddess, who was also goddess of war. There are many similarities between the two goddesses, although Minerva was indigenous and was more known as the goddess of arts and crafts.

Athena was her father's favorite child, but she has no children herself. She couldn't be dominated by other goddesses like Aphrodite because of her being the goddess of war. She also couldn't be violated as a palace goddess.

Athena is immortal and represents the intellectual and civilized side of war. While this is a great advantage, one of her weaknesses was not being very emotional or compassionate because she so strongly used reasoning.

She fought alongside Greek heroes and gods during wars because she was such a admirable goddess. Athena was one of the mot intelligent and wisest of all of the Greek gods and goddesses, making her very powerful. She is so powerful, that Athens was named after her.

Not only was she powerful and wise, she was also very creative. Athena invented multiple skills that became very vital for women in Athens, like weaving and pottery. This made her the patroness of weaving and spinning. Thins that represent Athena include: birds (specifically owls), the olive tree, and the spear.

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