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Grady County school level Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition Winners

Congratulations to all Grady County school-level student winners for the Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition! All student winners who were selected are going to represent their grade levels, K-12th grade, as they proceed to the Southwest Georgia RESA for district judging.

On Friday, Feb. 28, 2020, there was a 9 a.m. reception held to celebrate the young writers at the VanLandingham Center in downtown Cairo. Students were given the opportunity to read their writings in front of parents, teachers, principals, as well as the rest of the other creative writers who won for their grade levels. Each student also received a plaque with his or her name and the title of the writing entry.

After students got the chance to read their submissions, they were invited to eat a small snack provided by Eastside Elementary and Northside Elementary School.

Refreshments served at the 2020 Young Georgia Authors reception

Good luck to all school level winners who will be competing in district judging!

Here are the Grady County School level winners:

  • Northside School (Kindergarten) Mariela Gomez - “Martin Luther King Jr.”

  • Whigham School - (1st Grade) J. Brantley Frascona -“Snakes”

  • Whigham School - (2nd Grade) Madelyn Meredith- “Wild and Wacky”

  • Eastside School - (3rd Grade) Ezekiel Brown- “Sacajawea”

  • Shiver School - (4th Grade) Sadie Chambers- “My Creator”

  • Shiver School- (5th Grade) Lanessa Mathis -“The Valentines Day Secret”

  • Washington Middle (5th Grade) Laileny Vivas -“Breeze”

  • Washington Middle- (7th Grade) Victoria Briscoe- “Short Story”

  • Washington Middle- (8th Grade) Keya Hunter- “Gone”

  • Cairo High School - (9th Grade) Lauren Jones -“The Winecoff Hotel”

  • Cairo High School - (10th Grade) Merritt Helton -“Lashed to the Mast”

  • Cairo High School - (11th Grade) Bre’Ijaha Swain-Garland -“Clairvoyance”

  • Cairo High School- (12th Grade) Perla Tiburcio -“Earth”

Below is a slideshow, in grade order, of all the winning students who read their writings.

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