• Camron Davis

Googling 'Thanos' reveals new Google easter egg

In honor of the release of "Avengers: Endgame," Google has added a new easter egg, or hidden secret to its search feature.

Searching the name of the main villain, Thanos, you are greeted with normal search results with Wikipedia articles that relate to the purple Titan.

With closer inspection, the Infinity Gauntlet is located to the right of the results, and when clicked or tapped on, the Gauntlet springs to life and performs the infamous snap along with an audible snapping noise.

After the short animation, half of the search results begin to fade to dust, similar to some of the heroes from the previous film, "Avengers: Infinity War."

After the 50 percent of the results have disappeared, if the Gauntlet is returned to and interacted with again, it will clench into a fist, which causes the Time Stone to glow along with a strange green rune that seemingly reverses the effects of the snap. This is similar to what Thanos did to repair the Mind Stone in "Infinity War."

Users should beware of possible "Endgame" spoilers in the search results.

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