• Destiny Carter

Fox believed to have attacked five has been killed, authorities say

On Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, New Jersey police killed a fox that they believed had been attacking people the week before.

According to ABC News, the Glen Ridge Police Department stated that three of the five whom the red fox attacked were hospitalized.

The first report of an animal bite occurred on Friday in Verona at about 9:15 a.m. While authorities continuously searched for the fox, it bit two more people, according to the spokesman for the Glen Ridge Police Department, Lt. Timothy Faranda.

After quite some time, the fox that authorities believe to have been attacking the victims was found on New Jersey Transit railroad tracks, almost four miles from where the first attack took place.

“As officers were tracking the animal, it turned and attempted to attack one of the officers and was subsequently euthanized,” Faranda said.

Bloomfield Animal Control officers were brought in in order to test the fox for rabies.

According to New Jersey wildlife officials, red foxes are commonly found in golf courses, yards, and parks around the state and are rarely aggressive towards humans; they instead tend to prey on cats and other household pets.

Foxes could carry diseases such as distemper, mange, and rabies. Officials say that humans should try and avoid any and all animals that look sickly or are acting oddly.