• Perla Tiburcio

Disney World opens new 'Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad' ride

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida opened its newest ride on Wednesday March 4, 2020. There are many rides based on certain Disney characters and Disney productions. Finally, Mickey mouse and his cartoon buddies such as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy,and Daisy Duck have a ride of their own.

The ride is known as “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway” and is one of Walt Disney World’s newest rides. The ride is not one of the typical, high-energy, fear-giving, extreme turn-and-swirly rides, but instead is a calm and moderately fast ride meant for all ages from children to the elderly. The ride has no height requirement, so everyone at the park can board together.

According to CNN, “Disney's Imagineers deftly translate the flat, edgy, 2D design of the recent "Mickey Mouse" cartoon shorts onto a three-dimensonal world, which manages to stay true to form.” The ride is designed to go through a series of scenes similar in format of the Mickey short films. According to Disney, “a combination of physical sets, Audio-Animatronics figures, animated media and projection-mapping techniques” were used in the creation process of the ride.

The ride is one of the many first rides that will catch your eye, being closely located upon entrance. The ride is taken in a train car, guided by Engineer Goofy.

"Oh Boy,” the ride could not have started off any better.

The ride takes Disney fans into a journey of cartoon series starring different Mickey Mouse characters in a domino of a series of bad happenings leading to many other bad adventures. As seen in many of the Mickey Mouse short films, the plot is set for something positive to occur to reach some type of goal which is interrupted by bad occurrences, taking the whole film in a different direction, later to be resolved in a happy ending. The ride goes through many naturalistic scenes as seen in the short films, such as carnivals, waterfalls, factories, and much more to make the fans feel as if they were part of the “cartoon” ride.