• Destiny Carter

First PBIS 'Hat Day' to be held at CHS this Friday

On Friday, October 18, the first PBIS Hat Day of the year will be held. Students can purchase a hat sticker from Mrs. Tonnie Gainous in the front office for $2 if they would like to wear their hats inside of the building. Though hats will be allowed, students still will not be allowed to wear hoods inside.

Mrs. LeGette, who is on the PBIS Team, said the idea came from other Grady County schools, such as Washington Middle, which have had similar days when students could pay to wear hats. "Everyone loves to wear a hat," she said.

Teachers are also invited to participate. Mr. Skeen, who is also on the PBIS Team, said he is planning on paying to wearing a hat but that the design of the sticker hasn't been decided yet. Mrs. Donalson confirmed this.

The money raised from this special event will go to help fund future PBIS events such as PBIS "Roll Outs" for good behavior and grades.

Check back later this week for a slideshow of our students sporting their hats around Cairo High School!