• Perla Tiburcio

Fireflies and other insects in danger of extinction

Remember the good old days when you would go outside on that perfect, calm, nice evening and chase fireflies?

Fireflies are known for their light created by a bio-luminescence chemical in their bodies. We notice them usually surrounding us on those warm summer nights when we see their small, yellow lights through the dark.

Like many animals currently in danger, fireflies are now going extinct. Their habitats are being destroyed and replaced: “Mangrove swamps have been converted into palm oil plantations and aquaculture farms,” according to CNN. Certain fireflies have to have certain plants and environments that they need in order to reproduce and breed.

Another major threat for fireflies is the use of artificial light after sunset. This is causing a danger to the different kinds of species of fireflies due to the confusion of light. Fireflies need their bio-luminescent light to attract other fireflies so that mating can occur. Without that happening, the population of fireflies will slowly decrease due to the use of artificial light such as street lights.

Another concern with the decline of the firefly population is the use of pesticide use. Pesticide is known for its ability to be useful in getting rid of unwanted weeds but also for its chemical danger to certain plants, animals, and insects. We hurt many insects when using pesticide but also hurt their environment and their possible chances for reproduction.

We can begin with the small gesture of turning off unnecessary lights that are not needed, like side lights that surround our home.

We must also keep in mind that fireflies are not the only ones in danger; now with the concern of climate change, there are also several insects such as butterflies, beetles, and even bees that are in danger.

According to the Biological Conservation Journal, “This “bug apocalypse” might lead to the extinction of 40 percent of insect species over the next few decades.”

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