• Gavin Lane

Film Review: 'Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark'

"Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark" is a recently-released film based upon the scary children’s stories from the book series of the same name. The film revolves around a few teens as they bring to life select creatures from the stories. The all-around mood and feel of the film is dark, and it fits perfectly. The actors' performances throughout the film are phenomenal, and the feel of it is real and convincing.

Image of the Pale Lady from the story "The Dream"

The story is unique compared to other films based upon books. Instead of just being a visual representation of a story that’s already known, it rather takes the creatures from the stories and implements them into their own interesting story, so it’s like a brand new scary story filled with scary stories, and it works amazingly.

Directed incredibly by André Øvredal, the screenplay was adapted beautifully by Guillermo Del Toro and all around progressed smoothly.

For a film rated PG-13, it’s a lot more mature than one would think. I wouldn’t recommend the film to very young audience members due to the excessive amount of profanity used throughout and some gruesome moments that may be too much for a younger viewer. I would recommend this film, however, for viewers of the fifteen to seventeen age areas: it’s a perfect horror film fit for teens.

The only complaints I have about this film are the length and the ending. I believe it should have been longer and included more recreations of the creatures seen in the book, but for that to occur they would have needed a much bigger cast. The ending is another thing I wanted to talk about; it leaves an opening for a possible sequel, but what would happen? I feel like the setup there is completely useless and would have turned out better with a different ending. A sequel I feel would be forced with a story lacking the interesting plot the first one created and would overall feel like a waste of time.

Besides those little things, I would recommend this film to anyone who loves horror, especially if you’ve read the books. The film is paced well and explains everything you need to know, so it doesn’t leave you confused on what is happening.

So go watch it this masterpiece brought to life, and don’t forget to bring someone you can give a good scare.