• Morgan Sellars

Film review: 'Avengers: Endgame'

Since "Infinity War" came out last year, fans have been both exited and nervous for the next "Avengers" installment. On April 22, 2019, the wait was over, as "Endgame" was finally released.

::: Warning! Major Spoilers Ahead!:::

As the film started, the familiar introduction music chimed in with the logo, although it sounded a little more pumped up to gather fans' attention.

The film began with Hawkeye, or Clint Barton, having a picnic with his family as if it were a normal day. After a few minutes in, Hawkeye realized his family had disappeared and had literally turned to ash. It wasn't much of a surprise how the film started off, since "Infinity War" ended with people getting turned into ash.

"Infinity War" closed with Scott Lang, or Ant-man, going into the Quantum Realm and was only supposed to be in there a couple of seconds, but when those in charge of pulling him out were about to bring him back, they turned to ash. It was only a few minutes into "Endgame" when a rat ran over a machine that was connected to the Quantum Realm and accidentally released Ant-man. When he returned, he was shocked to see how empty the streets were and realized his five minutes in the Quantum Realm was actually five years. Then he immediately rushed to the Avengers headquarters.

Tony Stark, or Iron Man, was in horrible condition upon his arrival back to Earth. How he got there was a huge shock. Stark was last seen stuck on the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship with Nebula, and was sure to come face to face with death, or so everyone thought. In "Endgame," Stark's first appearance was still on the ship, as he was creating a "goodbye" video to his significant other, Pepper Potts. Stark announced that oxygen would be running out the next day and that he was going to dream of her, when suddenly there was a bright flash.

Several of the Avengers who were already at headquarters were surprised to see the ship returning. Fans were surprised to see that Captain Marvel was in charge of returning Stark and Nebula back to Earth. How did she know where to find them? Personally, this was one point in the film that really had me thinking.

The film continued with Lang pitching his idea on going back in time to get ahold of the Infinity Stones to bring back the 50 percent of people the antagonist in the film, Thanos, turned to ash. Stark later figured out how to time travel, and everyone was assigned to go back to one point and place in time to collect an Infinity Stone. Them traveling back in time led to the question, would they see their past selves, and would it lead to a battle? It had me thinking of every possible outcome, preparing for the unexpected.

Some other points in the film that I had not expected were how some of the characters turned out. Two important characters who have been around for a very long time had significant changes in appearance. The Hulk, or Bruce Banner, had officially just become the Bruce Banner in the Hulk's body. Thor, King of Asgard, had a downfall after he finally "went for the head," killing Thanos. The strong and extremely attractive "God of Thunder" turned into a drunken, fat, video game-obsessed, crybaby who had no intention of being a hero or king anymore. Both characters shocked everyone in the theater around me, including myself, but had everyone laughing with their comedic lines.

After the Avengers finished gathering the Infinity Stones, of course Thanos was't going to leave without a fight. Thanos decided he was going to wipe out the entire universe and start it over, but he had to get the stones back. While in battle, the most shocking and exciting part of the film arose. Everyone who had turned to ash suddenly reappeared, including all of the Avengers such as Peter Parker and Doctor Strange, which sent everyone in the theater cheering.

In the midst of the fight, Thanos grabbed all the stones and began to mock Tony Stark. Stark ran over to grab the stones but was thrown away from Thanos. Thanos looked at Stark and told him his plans and also said, "I am Inevitable," before snapping his fingers. At this point, I was so nervous and honestly expected the worst possible outcome. Then, suddenly ,he snapped his fingers, but nothing happened! Iron Man then looked up to him and said, "and I am Iron Man" and snapped his fingers. Relief fled over me, at least for a moment there.

Peter Parker ran over to him and, of course, had everyone's hearts so happy that he could finally talk to Tony. The entire theater freaked out when realizing that in order to save the world, Tony Stark had died.

The whole film was definitely full of surprises and and a lot of sad moments. The part that got me the most was towards the end of the film. Tony left a hologram and told his daughter, Morgan, the now famous line, "I love you 3,000."

I would recommend this film to any Marvel fan, or anyone in general. It left me with mixed emotions from all the laughter, tears, and nervousness throughout the film. I would watch it again, for sure.

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