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Film Review: Adam Robitel presents 'Escape Room'

Adam Robitel, born on May 26, 1978, is an American screenwriter, director, and actor. He is best known for his horror films "The Taking of Deborah Logan," "Insidious: The Last Key," and his newest release, "Escape Room."

"Escape Room" sets the scene with six strangers, who are each suffering from their own past traumas and find themselves in an experience they'll never forget: a maze filled with tricks, twists, and six rooms. Working together to find a way out, they soon learn that each of their dark secrets will rise to the surface.

Since the film's release, critics have made many comments based on the overall theory of the reasoning behind the film and its similarity to "Saw" and "Final Destination."

"You'll see worse movies this January. The best thing you can say about Escape Room is that for most of it, you're not desperately searching for the exit sign," says Rolling Stone editor David Fear.

"Now believe it or not, I think the writing in this film was somewhat smart. Even though it is a horror film, it did at least attempt to come up with a complex story line that is comparable to the mysteries and riddles you find in real escape rooms," says David Gilleand.

My overall view of the film was that it was great, from the concept of the riddles, to how each scene somehow showed a reminder of the trauma a specific character faced in his or her past. However, I did realize the similarity to the "Final Destination" films. I'm not claiming that Robitel's idea of the film was based off those films, but they did have a similar concept with a twist.

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