• Destiny Carter

D.A. warns travelers about possible charging station scams

As travelers prepare for yet another busy holiday season, it is now more important than ever to bring an adapter base and charging cord and make sure that electronic devices are fully charged before leaving the house.

The LA County District Attorney’s Office recently took to Twitter and issued a warning against public charging stations due to a new concern that is called “juice jacking.” The D.A. has urged people to avoid using public charging stations because they may be tampered with.

Malware can be loaded onto the charging stations through the cables at the kiosk. Once a device has been plugged into an infected station, it can be infected, and personal information can also be exposed to criminals.

A few cyber tips that experts and D.A. officials have shared in order to keep data and devices safe include using AC power outlets, avoiding using USB charging stations, using phones as little as possible to preserve their batteries, and consider buying portable chargers in case of an emergency.

Some airports and other places with public charging stations have even displayed the warning shown below.