• Jasmine Chandler

Commencement speakers announced for FSU, FAMU, and TCC

The names of the guest speakers who will be delivering the commencement addresses to the spring 2019 graduating classes of Florida State, Tallahassee Community College, and FAMU have been released. They are rapper and actor Common, former Tallahassee mayor and democrat Andrew Gillum, and music industry attorney Nicole Wyskoarko. These speakers will be delivering motivational words to the college graduates this Friday and Saturday.

Florida State will be awarding degrees to more that over 6,500 graduates this year. 5,416 bachelor's degrees will be given and 918 master's degrees and 225 doctorates. Mayor John Daily earned both his bachelor's and his master's degree from FSU. At 7:30 pm Friday, John W. Thiel, who is a business consultant and also a member of the FSU foundation Board of Trustees, will be speaking to the graduates of the Business of Fine Arts. On Saturday, Mr. David Lane of the foundation board of trustees, will also give the commencement that will be addressed at 9 a.m. and also will start again at 2 p.m.

David Lane will be giving a speech to the the students in career pathways such as Criminal Justice, Public Policy, and others. Florida State will live stream this on May 3-4.