• Alondra Ortiz

CollegeMAKERS students visit Challenger Learning Center

On Wednesday, April 28, CollegeMAKERS took approximately 30 students (Freshmen and Sophomores) on a field trip to the Challenger Learning Center in Tallahassee. There, they participated in a space simulation and watched two out-of-this-world documentaries.

Read more here about the upcoming CollegeMAKERS events for the end of spring and summer break, then continue below to the Red & Black's Scoop of the recent Tallahassee field trip! All photos and slideshows below, unless otherwise noted, were taken by the Red & Black staff.

Challenger Learning Center

Students were first greeted by a welcoming group of staff members, then separated into two groups, "Group Alpha" and "Group Beta."

Group Beta was the first to experience the fantastically realistic space center simulation, while group Alpha experienced two documentaries, "A Beautiful Planet" and "A Journey to Space" in the IMAX theatre and the learning center's planetarium.

"A Beautiful Planet" is narrated by Jennifer Lawrence and follows several astronauts in the National Space Station, where they capture breathtaking footage of the Earth.

"Journey to Space" is narrated by Patrick Stewart and shows extensive interviews from astronauts about past space accomplishments, current activities, and future aspirations.

The planetarium where students watched "Journey to Space"

After watching the two documentaries, students were treated to pizza and lemonade in the planetarium; afterward, they headed to the Duke Energy Classroom, where group Alpha or Beta would split up into two smaller groups. One group was the mission control center on Earth, and the other were the space command center heading to Mars. Each individual got a certain job and task cards to tell them step by step on what to do for them to be successful.

Mission control members were the boss of the Space Command Center, and their job was to tell the other group what to do and give them the go-to.

Mission Control room.

The Space Command Center's goal was to arrive onto Mars safely and successfully with the help of Mission Control. Both groups from CHS safely guided the team members to Mars!

Space Command Center. Credit: gowiththefamily.com

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