• Emily Johnson

Class of 2021 receives rings at official ceremony

The Cairo High School class of 2021, currently juniors, received their rings on the morning of August 8 at around 10 a.m.

The ceremony began with prayer and a pledge to the American Flag. Cairo High School junior Alexia Washington announced the names of the students who had purchased rings. Red and Black junior staff members Mary Harrison and Shellie Scott were among those who received their rings this morning.  Junior Trinity Crego presented the "Turning Tradition" portion of the ceremony and explained that you should wear your ring towards your body until you graduate, then turn it around for others to see once you have completed high school.

There was also an explanation of what the ring symbolizes: achievement of completion of half of the students’ high school careers.

These class rings are produced by Herff Jones and include a lifetime warranty. If you visit the website, www.herffjones.com, you can customize your own ring order. You can even have your ring resized to fit your finger if and when they grow. In addition, if you happen to move to a different school, you may get the school on your ring changed.

The price for this memorable and beautiful piece of jewelry is $200. There is a one-time payment for your ring, so you will not have to make frequent payments.

A program from the Class of 2021 Ring Ceremony