• Ja-khira Cooper

City of Tifton discusses 2020 budget

A special city meeting was held in Tifton, Ga., on Monday May 20, 2019. This meeting was called for the city leaders to come together to discuss the city budget for 2020. This meeting was the first time council members and the city manager came together to look at the proposed budget.

The proposed budget is just under $14 million, and most of that is said to be from taxes. The next largest portion would come from licenses and permits. The city's finance department expects just over $10 million from taxes for the budget.

According to a WALB news report, last year's budget was almost exactly the same at $13.9 million.

The biggest chunk of the proposed money would go to the police department at $4.8 million dollars. The fire department is next with $2.5 million, then street projects with $1.6 million. The budget vote will happen at a later date, which is not yet known, but the council must finalize a budget no later than June 30. Until then, several public hearings will take place to give all of Tifton a chance to voice where their tax dollars will go. Mayor Julie Smith and other council members declined to comment on camera until they looked at the proposed budget together, according to the WALB.