• Perla Tiburcio

CHS students to participate in 2020 Georgia Young Authors Writing Competition

Do you know someone who has a passion or simply the talent of excellent writing? Well, here is a chance for them to express it along with many other young writers.

It’s time for students to find their creative side and write an entry to enter into the 2020 Georgia Young Authors Writing Competition. Students are allowed to write about anything they wish to with the understanding of it being school appropriate.

Some ideas include a favorite trip, favorite memory, or a twist on a favorite story. Students may write their entries in a format of a short story, essay, journal, poem, academic or research report, personal narrative, or any other form of original student writing. No entry should be longer than 1,900 words.

Cairo High School students need to submit their entries by Feb. 7, 2020. Any entries submitted after the final deadline will not be accepted.

State-level competition judges will use the guidelines below to judge entries.

Expression of Ideas:

  • Writing suggests/ conveys meanings; reflects strong thinking

  • Thematic meaning(s) effectively controlled

  • Piece is unified and builds upon itself, even if the structure is untraditional

  • Sense of clarity of purpose, completeness, and closure

Language Use:

  • Writing style appropriate to content and genre

  • Writing reflects mastery of technical aspects of writing (e.g., control over punctuation and syntax)

  • Writer uses language powerfully, via apt/original word choice, unique phrasing.

  • Strong flow produced via syntactical control and variation

  • Writer effectively employs detail, evocative language, and/or imagery to enliven writing and to express ideas

Unique Perspective and Voice:

  • Uniqueness of writer is evident through stylistic choices

  • Writing conveys unique, authentic, original perspective

  • Style conveys unique , authentic, original voice