• Hailey Powell

CHS students take Reading Inventory as requirement for $1 million grant

Last Wednesday, September 23, CHS students grades 9-11 took a Reading Inventory test designed to determine their reading ability, or Lexile score. Mrs. Jenny Harrison CHS Media Specialist, helped coordinate the testing.

Earlier in the year, CHS received a $1 million Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading in Georgia (L4GA) Grant that will be spread out over the next five years. The grant is “federal money,” according to Mrs. Harrison, who also said that the data from these tests will be to track literary progress and exposure in students.

Mrs. Harrison told the Red & Black that the grant money will be used “to increase literacy across all grade levels, all content areas, and for all students … The purchase of technology and other programs will be used to help students read in content areas,” she added.

The application for the grant money was a county wide initiative in which every school was part of the application. The grant writing process took about three months. CHS received the news of the award in June.

CHS applied for the money through a federal grant website. There were over 100 applicants (counties) that competed for the grant this year. “We met countywide several times,” said Mrs. Harrison. “Janet Walden, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, led the committee.”

Besides paying for the Reading Inventory test, the grant money will be used to purchase other things in regards to literacy, including literacy tutors, professional learning for teachers, and web-based programs like Newsela and Membean, which are already being used by teachers at CHS to improve literacy.

Mrs. Harrison explained that the Reading Inventory test was a requirement of the grant. Students attending classes in-person at CHS took the assessment on September 23, and all virtual students have until the following Wednesday, October 30, to take the test.

Some students were curious as to how their results would be used. When asked by the R&B if more challenging texts will be required for those students with higher test results, she replied, “No, unless their English teacher requires it.”

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