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CHS students have magical time at annual dance in Thomasville

All of the CHS Helping Hand and Special Ed students at the dance in Thomasville

On Friday, February 21, the Cairo High School Helping Hands and Special Education classes participated in an annual dance held at Thomas County Central High which brings together special education students from neighboring counties.

Helping Hands is a club that gives students a chance to interact and have fun with special education students and their peers, while at the same time bringing the community together.

This year's dance theme was "A Walk Down Disney Street," as students had the opportunity to dress as their favorite Disney characters and various Disney films played in the background.

CHS Special Education teacher Regina Mitchell said that the dance was "an awesome experience."

The dance lasted from 9 a.m.- noon, and students from Thomas County Central helped host and assist with the event.

Helping Hands President Keyshawn Barron said that the dance was important for these students because it "allows people with special needs to feel like they are a part of their learning" and increases "confidence and self-esteem."

Keyshawn also said that the dance was an amazing experience for these kids because "growing up with special needs can be stressful."

"Dance gives those with special needs a chance to relax and have fun," continued Keyshawn, "[giving them] that feeling of belonging. The sense that you're no different than anyone else."

Ms. Regina Mitchell's class

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