• Jacqueline Walker

CHS School of Fine Arts collaborates with Washington, Eastside to perform 'South Pacific'

CHS's 2019 spring musical, "South Pacific," is right around the block, and the cast has been finalized. On the evening performances of May 3 - 4, Olivia Woods will play the lead female role (Nellie), and on May 5 Georgia Taylor will play the lead female role. Truett Hendrix is playing the lead male role (Emile). Overall, the students are doing an outstanding job and are ready to perform.

The CHS School of Fine Arts also collaborated with Washington Middle School and Eastside Elementary School: Eddie Connell and Mason Best, eighth graders at Washington, and Sadie Chambers and Skylar Williams, both Eastside students, are also featured in the performance.

This being her first year as Theatre Director for CHS, Ms. Bock is excited about working with the students to create a show that we will all remember. Her reason for choosing this musical was that she wanted her students to know a classic and contemporary work. "South Pacific" is a classic 1949 musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Ms. Bock said she is thrilled with the collaboration this musical allows within the School of Fine Arts, and as a CHS student who is also part of the musical, I can say that we have come a long way with the dancing and singing and remembering our lines. Learning the choreography with Ms. Harrison, the music with Ms. Edwards, and our lines and blocking with Ms. Bock, I can say I really am excited and proud to be a part of this musical. This being my first musical ever to perform, I can say that I have nothing but positive feelings about it. Practices have been busy and moving quickly to where one day I have one role, and the next day I'm bumped up to playing two roles.

Ms. Bock gives thanks to Ms. Edwards and Ms. Harrison for helping her to make this show happen. As a reminder, the performances are free to the students, to the school district, and to the community, and the reason for that is because Ms. Bock believes that art should be accessible. In addition, on May 3, the opening night, Ms. Brown and the the Culinary Arts Department will be providing refreshments, as well.

Here is the final cast for the School of Fine Arts' performance of "South Pacific"

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