• Quintarius Washington

CHS holds Fine Arts Academy advisement, students learn about slam poetry

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, CHS held its final Academy advisement for the school year. I'm in the Fine Arts Academy, and in there we usually discuss things that deal with different forms of art.

Today, we talked about slam poetry. Usually when you think of poetry, you think of rhythm, but slam poetry is all about emotion. In Mr. Boyce's advisement class, viewed five YouTube videos of people standing in front of crowds performing their poems. The people were expressing various emotions throughout their speeches. Some of the speeches rhymed, but some didn't.

I noticed that they were telling stories in their speeches. Some of them were saying things that related to stuff that was happening in the real world, and some were expressing how they felt about certain situations.

My favorite video was when a 12-year-old Australian kid (pictured above) performed a fast, rhythmically-paced poem. I thought he was rapping for a moment.

After we got through watching the Youtube videos, we had to fill out a senior survey. The survey was asking us things like what we were planning on doing after high school, what college we were planning on going to, and what career we wanted to pursue after college.

I think that this advisement day was a success.

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