• Hayden Hodges

CHS holds 2019-2020 Superlative and Raconteur Program

The Senior Superlatives for the CHS Class of 2020

The Superlative and Raconteur program is a yearly event at Cairo High School during which 10th - 12th graders come to the auditorium to view a presentation of the Senior Superlatives. These Superlatives are 25 senior students who have excelled in high school and been specifically chosen by teachers for their hard work and character.

This year's superlative program was held on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, at 9 a.m.

Before the program began, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were called to the auditorium. Mr. Lokey welcomed all of the students, then thanked Mrs. Godwin for all of her hard work and dedication as our school photographer.

Student Council President Kaitlyn Donalson led the program. She announced that this year's Mr. Raconteur is Prospero Castellanos, and this year's Miss Raconteur is Amaya Gordon. To determine Mr. and Miss Raconteur each year, outside judges choose the most photogenic nominees based on their senior portraits.

Mr. and Miss Raconteur for 2019-2020, Prospero Castellanos and Amaya Gordon

The 25 Senior Superlatives were then announced. As each student's name was called, he or she stood up and was escorted to the stage by Student Council members. The following students were recognized: Callie Lauder, Emma Strickland, Eli Pyrz, Amaya Gordon, Kennedy Womble, Katie Faircloth, Claley Harrell, Matthew Peters, Samantha Gainous, Griffin Stalvey, Faith Tise, Truett Hendrix, Jaquez Nixson, Zoe Prince, Garrett Gainous, Claire Phillips, Cathryn Whitley, Calvin Isaac, Anna Roberts, Mahogony Mango, Hannah Jo Gibson, Abby Welch, Yasmyn Hopkins, J.T. Andrews, and Cade Watson.

Mr. and Miss CHS for the class of 2020 were announced next. These two students had received the most votes from teachers. These two students were Mathew Peters and Zoe Prince.

Mr. and Miss CHS 2019-2020, Matthew Peters and Zoe Prince (front center)

Congratulations to all of our Senior Superlatives for the Cairo High School Class of 2020!