• Jasmine Chandler

CHS Helping Hands Club holds annual Easter Egg hunt

On April 18, 2019, CHS's Helping Hands Club celebrated another year of Easter. At Davis Park behind the Roddenbery Library, the club held its annual Easter Egg hunt and also fed students for this event. Many activities were offered for the special needs students.

While attending this trip, members of the club helped with some of the games and also played with other students. Many of the members were allowed to help with face painting with the other students. Some, however, played tug-of-war or danced to some of the music that was being played. Schools such as Washington Middle School, Southside Elementary, and other schools from Grady County came to participate and have fun with all the other students.

Around noon, food was served for everyone to eat. Hot dogs and Hamburgers were grilled, cookies and chips were served, and students had a choice of soda or water for a drink. As the day continued, students were up again to have more fun right before it was time for the big Easter Egg Hunt. Members of the Helping Hands Club were asked to place eggs across the grass and spread them out to be just enough for students to pick up and place in their Easter bags. Once the students were released to pick up the eggs, students who found a glittered egg would win a prize towards the end. Many of the students would receive a Rice Crispy Treat as their surprise at the end of the hunt.