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CHS Fine Arts department participates in Eastside Elementary Fine Arts Day

By Brandon Glover and Elly Groh

The CHS Chorus at Eastside Elementary's Spring 2020 Fine Arts Day

On Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, the Cairo High School Chorus, Voices (Show Choir), Theatre Club, Art Club, Jazz Band, and R&B Dance Team visited Eastside Elementary School for its annual Fine Arts Day celebration. Using their talents and skills, they wowed the young students participating in the Fine Arts Day.

Below is a slideshow of the Choir interacting with students at Eastside Elementary.

Chorus performed a wide variety of songs. According to Ms. Erikka Edwards, Director of the CHS Chorus,

"Their level of musicianship is superior and I am beyond proud of their dedication and commitment to choral excellence."

Some of the songs performed were "Tshotsholoza," a traditional South African piece adapted by Jeffery L. Ames; "Take Me to the Water," a gospel style piece that incorporates words from two African-American spirituals written by Rollo Dilworth; "Lamentations of Jeremiah," a mournful, fast-paced song arranged by Randall Stroope; and "Salseo," an acapella South American, jazz-like tune arranged by Oscar Galian.

The Choir split off into ensembles in between song selections to display the individual voices of the men and women. The men performed "Beauty is Her Name," a whimsical melody arranged by Earlene Rentz, and "Honey Brown," a barber shop trio piece arranged by our own Ms. Edwards. The women performed "Think on Me," a sad yet uplifting song arranged by Victor C. Johnson.

The Art Club, however, did something slightly different. The Art Club only had two members go to Eastside other than the club sponsor, Mr. Scott Easom: The Art Club President, Hailey Snipes, and the Art Club Designer, Brandon Glover.

The Art Club had various art pieces set up in a computer lab at Eastside. These pieces varied in a multitude of ways: some pieces were painted or made using markers and crayons, and some pieces were even composed on wood.

Below is a clip from the Red & Black YouTube channel of Art Club President Hailey Snipes giving Eastside students a tutorial on how to draw ice cream.

In addition to Chorus, Voices, and Art Club, the R&B Dance Team, Jazz Band, and Theatre Club were in attendance and got to perform and interact with the students at Eastside.

The R&B Dance Team performed for 1st - 3rd graders, according to Mrs. Hannah Russell, who teaches Dance at CHS and coaches the Dance team. Below is a slideshow of the R&B Dance team at the Eastside Fine Arts Day.

Personal Experiences of Eastside Fine Arts Day 2020

The Art Club's main goal was to introduce the children to the different mediums of art and all the different possibilities. The Club worked with grades two through five, with three sets of each. We essentially showed off and described the art within the room and then showed them a small art lesson. After the small art lesson, Mr. Easom would explain to the kids that they would go into the hall and draw "anything they like" on the paper we set up on the wall.

I (Brandon Glover) thought that Fine Arts Day was a lot of fun, as did the children. They got a lot of exposure to the arts, and I got a lot of compliments for my art. I had a "Captain America" wood-burning piece, my current "SyrupMaid" comic, and a Statue of Liberty silhouette painting set up. We also had a still-functioning painted skateboard and guitar, which the children really enjoyed.

I (Elly Groh) thought that it was a great experience. I'm glad that we got to inspire the kids and get to show them different kinds of music. It was awesome to see my teachers from when I was there.

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