• Dakota Tuggle

CHS eSports teams fighting for state playoff spot

Members of last year's eSports team practice in the inTech Lab

Cairo High School's eSports teams, coached by Mr. Layton Smith, are currently fighting for a spot in the state playoffs. eSports is a form of sport competition using video games. eSports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

Our school has two teams which compete in matches each week against other high schools from Georgia, the Super Syrup and Super Makers. According to Coach Smith, Super Syrup is the “unofficial varsity team” and consists of more experienced players. The Super Maker team consists of newer, beginning players, who aren't as experienced and is more of the "unofficial JV team." The team captain is senior James Rodden, who is the most experienced player on the team.

The eSport that our eSports teams are currently competing in is League of Legends. "League of Legends (abbreviated LoL) is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with the world’s largest gaming community. The game requires critical thinking and teamwork, where each player must support one another to succeed. Teams of five compete head-to-head across multiple maps and game modes," according to PlayVS, the company that hosts the competition.

Although there are many eSports played across the high school, collegiate, and professional level, the three currently played in the state of Georgia are League of Legends, SMITE, and Rocket League.

PlayVS uses a Hybrid-Swiss Schedule, which consists of teams that are paired in every round. The number of rounds is predetermined, and the winner is the player or team who earns the most points by the end of the tournament. It is designed to try and give teams of equal skills a realistic opportunity to win.

The Super Syrup team is currently ranked ranked number 39 in the state of out of 81 teams. Their record is 6-6 as they go into the final week of the playoffs. According to Coach Smith, the teams have developed a bit of a rivalry with the eSports teams at Colquitt County High School, whom they have played several times this season. The Super Syrup team has defeated the "Super Nova" of Colquitt County, the "Jolly Rogers" of McIntosh County, and "The Fallen" of Irwin High School. The Super Makers are still winless, as most players are new to the eSport and learning to play the game.

The returning players this year are:

James Rodden- Senior

Elizabeth Groh - Senior

C.J. Hall - Sophomore

Luis Vega - Sophomore

Alex Harden - Sophomore

Kamaury Thomas- Junior

New players this year are:

Willie Thomas - Junior

Hayden Hodges - Sophomore

Josue Gomez - Freshman

Juan Diaz - Freshman

Pascual Lopez - Freshman

The teams practice on Fridays during CAM Club in the inTech Lab by the Guidance Office. They then compete in the official matches on Tuesdays in the same location, starting at 4 p.m. Next Tuesday, December 17, they will be facing off against a new set of players, the "Ambush Omega" of Harris County High School and the "Raider 2" of North Forsyth High School, in a fight for the top of the leader board. It will probably be their final shot at going into the finals.