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CHS eSports Spring 2020 Season Preview

The Cairo High School eSports team, coached by English teacher Mr. Layton Smith, has finished its pre-season scrimmages and is getting ready for its first match of the Spring 2020 season, which will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, February 25 in the CHS inTech Lab versus Lee County High School.

This is the third season that CHS will compete in eSports, which is an official Georgia High School Association (GHSA) sport. The CHS "Super Syrup" eSports team made the state playoffs in its first season as a team (Spring 2019) and narrowly missed the playoffs last Fall. Along with the JV "Super Makers" team, our eSports teams frequently square off against nearby rivals such as Thomas County and Colquitt County, as well as teams from Atlanta and other areas of the state.

eSports is a form of sports that involves the competitive aspect of video games, as well as critical thinking and teamwork, where each player must support one another to succeed. It usually involves a keyboard and mouse, but a controller can be used. For more details on eSports, including college scholarship information, read our earlier story here.

The company that the GHSA uses for matches is PlayVS. It's an online platform that organizes the schedules, stats, and in-game season passes. This season they have changed a few things. The same eSports from last season are still available for competition ("League of Legends," "Smite," and "Rocket League") but "Fortnite" has recently been added to their services. However, since "Fortnite" is a "shooter"-style game, the GHSA decided that it would not allow students to compete in this eSport.

The Summoner's Rift map in League of Legends

Our school has a single team this semester and will exclusively be playing "League of Legends," a fast-paced, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. For competition, teams play on the "Summoner's Rift" map, consisting of three main pathways and the "jungle" area with a river cutting through it, all in between the main pathways or "lanes."

Much like any sport, the five players in a game of Summoner's Rift are divided up into different positions, each with its own name. Each team has a "Top Laner" (the person in the top path on the map), "Mid Laner" (the person in the middle path), "Bot Laner" or "ADC, Carry" (person on the bottom path), "Jungler" (the person roaming the map), and "Support" (the person helping the ADC).

Official matches and practice matches will be held on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. in the inTech Lab next to Guidance. Practice will be held on Fridays during CAM Club, also in the inTech Lab, from 3:15-5 p.m.

Below are this season's players and what positions they most often play:

The eSports team recently finished its official preseason practice matches. On February 4, they went up against East Coweta High School and lost 0-2. They came back in the next match on February 10 with their match against Carrollton High School and won 2-0.

This season is promising for our team, Super Syrup, and they will fight hard for a shot at getting into the finals.

See the Season Schedule Below. Match information will be updated bi-weekly.

Preseason: Official practice matches Week A: 02/03/2020 Week B: 02/10/2020

Regular Season Schedule:

Week 1: 02/18/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus Sequoyah High School "Int2win" (rescheduled for 2/28) Week 2: 02/25/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus Lee County High School "LCHS Trojans Alpha" Week 3: 03/03/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus Lowndes High School "Top Tyr" Week 4: 03/10/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A. Week 5: 03/17/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A. Week 6: 03/24/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A. Week 7: 03/31/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A. Week 8: 04/07/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A. Week 9: 04/14/2020

CHS "Super Syrup" versus T.B.A.

Playoffs: Round 1: 04/21/2020 Round 2: 04/28/2020 Round 3: 05/05/2020 Round 4: 05/12/2020 Round 5: 05/19/2020

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