• Jacqueline Walker

CHS dance class and the FIRM perform for staff and students

Ms. Harrison, the director of dance at CHS, recently invited staff and students come and watch her dancers perform on May 13, 2019. As a CHS student who was also the speaker for the event, I can say it was an amazing performance.

I announced the themes of the dances and who created the choreography. There were a total of 18 performances, each with a different theme: heartbreak, stages of grief, depression, jealousy, being in love, breathing through the tough times, and carrying each other's burdens.

The dancers are very talented, and the dances were inspirational. Ms. Harrison was proud of her students for their hard was and also gave thanks to Ms. Bock, the director of theatre, and Ms. Edwards, the chorus teacher, for helping her share an understanding and appreciation for the importance of the arts.

Ms. Harrison wanted her dancers to meet the dancer from The FIRM Dance Company so that students could see what they can do and what they can become.

The last performance is the one that got the biggest reaction from the audience. There were a couple of screams during the beginning of the performance. Asking some of the students from the crowd, they said that they were scared and caught off guard at first but then got really excited, as the dancer went full out with costume and everything.

This last performance was called "The Purge" and was choreographed by Brianna Bullock and Bre Walden.

I really enjoyed myself and had a really good time.

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