• Alex Jimenez

CHS counseling department hosts suicide prevention day

On Wednesday, September 29, the school counselors hosted a suicide prevention and suicide awareness event in the CHS Commons Area during all three lunches. Faculty and students were encouraged to wear purple and teal for this occasion.

The counseling department set up a table outside where they met with many students during lunch. Students wrote their names on strips of colored paper and stapled them together to form a chain.

Through this symbolic gesture, students were "linking together" to prevent suicide and spread awareness.

For participating, students received their choice of candy, ribbons, stickers, and shirt pins.

The Red & Black spoke with Lead School Counselor Mrs. Brittany De Plato following the event and asked about the inspiration for this event at CHS.

The goal of this event was "to get out and interact with the students in a positive matter ... to normalize the conversation about mental health, so people aren't afraid to talk about it.''

The event was very successful, according to Mrs. De Plato:

"It gave us an opportunity to interact with the students and let them know that there is help," she said.

Below is a video slideshow of the event. Photos are courtesy of the CHS Counselors.

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