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CHS Chorus holding 'Hello Spring' fundraisers

Last week, the CHS Chorus began its ICA Gourmet Seasoning and Yankee Candle "Hello Spring" fundraisers. Profits from these fundraisers go towards funding the music, uniforms, traveling, and performances for Chorus.

If you are interested in ordering any of these products below, please contact any of the members or Chorus Director Ms. Erikka Edwards before March 2, 2020. The CHS Chorus appreciates the continued support of our community.

CHS Chorus Director Ms. Erikka Edwards shows off this spring's Chorus Fundraiser products

ICA Gourmet Seasonings

The Ingredients Corporation of America or ICA is a company that provides custom labeling and custom spices for their customers' products. For this fundraiser, you can get a variety of spices with the official CHS Chorus logo on them. These spices include garlic butter, cajun lemon pepper, chicken seasoning, and all purpose seasoning. In addition, salsa seasoning mixes are available in the flavors of original, chipotle and habanero. The regular spices come in an 8.5 ounce canister for $10, and the salsa mixes are available in sizes of 8 ounces for $15 or 16 ounces for $20.

The cover of the order form

Yankee Candle "Hello Spring"

Yankee Candle is a company that sells candles, household items, and decor. For this fundraiser, you can get many varieties of candles, fragrances, food storage containers, kitchen appliances, lights, garden decor, plants, and much more. Prices range from $6 for "Sistema-To-Go, Microwaveable Easy Eggs" to $40 for two medium-sized "Yankee Candles" of any scent.

Below is a slideshow with some of the options you can order:

Thank you for your support of the CHS Chorus!

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