Caper could one day replace ordinary shopping carts

Caper smart shopping carts can tell what you took off the shelves and also keep track of the cost. These carts may be the next version of how we shop. These can change what we have been doing when we go to the stores for years to come.

According to Techcrunch, "The startup makes a shopping cart with a built-in barcode scanner and credit card swiper, but it’s finalizing the technology to automatically scan items you drop in thanks to three image recognition cameras and a weight sensor. The company claims people already buy 18 percent more per visit after stores are equipped with its carts."

These shopping carts are equipped with sensors and computer vision, which help you keeps track of what customers pick up at the store, as well as the total purchase price.

When it scans, its taking 120 photos precisely and weighing with Caper cameras vision.

The co-founder and CEO Lindon Goa wants to wants to go scanless. This is still being worked on, and currently the carts are only being used into only two stores in New York. These shopping carts will cost the nearly the same amount of a ordinary shopping cart.

This is a step towards the future and then a leap when we arrive.