• Joseph Simmons

Canelo brutalizes Saunders in TKO victory

Canelo (on the left) and BJ Saunders (on the right)

With one of the biggest names in the sport today, Canelo Alvarez, the boxing match this past Cinco De Mayo weekend was electric.

Canelo started off strong, setting the pace landing and throwing only hard, precise punches. However, in the fifth round, Saunders' awkward style and angles started to make Canelo almost hesitant.

With the P4P king looking to figure out his opponent, Saunders danced around the ring using his piston-like jab and unorthodox angles to land clean punches on the Champ. With his confidence building with every strike landed, Saunders came in on Canelo with the right jab, a punch that Saunders had just recently found a home for.

After slipping the jab, Canelo countered with a hard right uppercut that was thrown with fight-ending intentions. Saunders stepped back after taking the punch, only for his eye to instantly swell. Canelo had just broken Saunders orbital bone. With Canelo smelling blood in the water, he swarmed Saunders, landing crushing yet calculated blows.

After somehow making it back to his stool, Saunders' team had a tough choice to make: either let Saunders fight and risk his life or stop to fight another day. After assessing the situation, Saunders' team decided it wouldn't be wise to send their fighter to go and fight the best fighter on the planet with only one eye, resulting in a TKO stoppage at the end of the eighth round.

This spectacular fight added another TKO victory for the ever-surging Canelo Alvarez.

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