• MaKayla Cartwright

Candied bacon: sweet, salty, and easy to make

You can make candied bacon at home, and it is super easy: it only has two ingredients. Candied bacon is a wonderful food that combines salty, sweet, and crispy flavors and textures. If made correctly, the bacon has crispy edges and a crackly crust from the caramelized sugar on top.

The two ingredients for candied bacon are bacon and brown sugar. You can have a choice between thick-cut of bacon or the classic bacon strip. In my opinion, I would rather have the classic "original" bacon strip because I feel that it has more of a real taste compared to other bacon.

For the brown sugar, I would suggest using light brown sugar because heavy sugar isn't easy to caramelize the same way you would hope for. I've never had it before, but I hear it's great.

It's a real simple recipe as well, and you could enjoy it in your own home. Bacon itself alone is fantastic; could you imagine the flavor it would have with sugar cooked onto it?

Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork, but when you add sugar to it, it's more of a sweet and salty food. Regular bacon has around 44 calories per serving, but candied bacon has around 86.

When you have the two main ingredients together, you can add any other toppings onto your bacon to make it how you want it; for example, you can add black pepper, sriracha and/or dried up rosemary herbs.

You have to bake it in order to get real crispy pieces. I would suggest putting the bacon on an oven safe wire rack so it can also be evened out. Bake for 25 minutes to get it really crispy, then once done baking, let it cool and then enjoy!