• Jacqueline Walker

Book Review: Lisa Jackson's 'The Night Before'

Lisa Jackson is a best-selling American author of over 75 romance novels and romantic suspense novels.

Jackson is one of my favorite authors. She is a master of taking readers to the edge of sanity and back in novels that have dangerous secrets and deadly passions.

In my opinion, she continues to be fascinated by the minds and motives of both her killers and their pursuers: the personal, the professional and downright twisted in some way.

After Reading the book from her "Savannah" series, "The Night Before," that was published in 2003, I was completely stuck in shock.

The book is set in the dark shadows of a sultry southern town where a serial killer strikes. The main character, Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeuax, wakes up covered in blood. She has no memory of the night her estranged husband was brutally murdered like the others she has known.

In the book, she's wanted by the police and haunted by terrible fragmented memories. Reading the book, you don't know whom to believe, and when it comes to herself, everything seems to suggest she is guilty, and she starts to see it, too. It gets to the point where she doesn't even believe herself.

It's a really fun and somewhat scary book to read. I strongly encourage you to read it. After reading it you will feel some type of change in thought. Jackson is a really amazing writer. I always enjoy reading her books.

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